Program Associate with Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) / No Fracked Gas in Mass 


Job Title: Program Associate with Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) / No Fracked Gas in Mass 


Job Description: Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) is a nonprofit with a mission to protect the environment for wildlife in support of the natural world that sustains us all. We have three main focus areas – Education and Outreach, Stewardship, and Watchdogging – all based on a sound foundation of science. No Fracked Gas in Mass is a program of BEAT with a mission to stop pipeline and other fracked gas infrastructure projects in Massachusetts, and challenge existing emissions sources by providing an informational hub and networking information to help citizens stay informed and engaged in the regulatory and legislative process, and actively engaged in efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.


Education & Outreach – weekly e-newsletter, Green Drinks, events, walks and talks, exhibits in our Environmental Leadership & Education Center


Stewardship – Water quality testing – cold water streams, pollutants from stormwater – certifying vernal pools to offer a bit more protection for these ephemeral habitats – walks and talks about wildlife


Watchdogging – started out as a watchdog – seeing environmental problems and trying to get our regulators to follow the law… or sometimes trying to change the law or regulations to better protect the environment. Now tackling the climate crisis as well. 2014 BEAT developed a science-based presentation about why a HUGE fracked gas pipeline across Massachusetts was a very bad idea and completely unnecessary. Teamed up with No Fracked Gas in Mass who are great community organizers to activate thousands of people to stop the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline.  No Fracked Gas in Mass is now a program of BEAT. Now getting fossil-fueled peaking power electric generation plants (those that run only when the electric grid is under extremely high demand) to transition to clean, renewable electric generation plus storage (or storage alone). 

Program Associates may do all sorts of things – we try to tailor your work to your interests

  • wade in rivers to get to stormwater pipes to take water samples
  • go door-to-door talking with people in the community about environmental issues
  • organize rallies to try to get fossil fuel companies to meet with us to describe how they will transition off of fossil fuels
  • Meet with our legislators to promote our issues/legislation
  • be at a table during community events to answer environmental questions and promote BEAT’s work
  • teach kids who have never been on the river to kayak 
  • measure, describe, and photograph road / streamcrossings
  • measure, describe, and photograph vernal pools
  • Help plant and care for our native species pollinator gardens
  • Help organize and/or lead walks or talks on a wide variety of topics – plants, wildlife tracking, invasive species, etc.

Our Program Associates must have a passion for saving the world, are immersed in our work, become part of the team, gain valuable skills.

Past Program Associates have gone on to work at Massachusetts Climate Action Network, Potomac Conservancy, and gone on to grad school then teaching. 

Contact:  [email protected]