Research Assistantship in Political Economy with Stanford Business School Professor Saumitra Jha “99

I would be very interested in hiring a Williams undergraduate through the Center for Environmental Studies. I am looking for a research assistant to help me with a series of projects related to understanding how to build political coalitions in favor of policy reforms that benefit broader society. The set of such policies naturally includes environmental protection policies as well as policies that reduce the threat of political violence. The work can be tailored to the skills of the student, but could include doing reviews of the literature, collecting and entering data from historical sources, using ArcGIS and doing econometric/ statistical analyses. A background in these types of tools would naturally be an asset. The dates can be flexible. Unfortunately, the RA will have to find their own housing, but I’m open to possibility of working remotely for those who do not have housing options near Stanford campus, but otherwise have access to a good research library and computing facilities. With best wishes, Saumitra Jha