Save the Bay Internships

Save the Bay is looking for a few more spring and summer interns for all of our intern positions including our Education and Aquarist Internship and Aquarist and Administration Internship. We have always appreciated having your students working and volunteering for us in the past. Both the of the internships mentioned above are great for students who have a limited schedule. Here is our main internship page with a list of all the internships we offer and their descriptions. Save the Bay Internships.

Please pass this email on to any students you feel would be a good fit. 

Thank you! Have a fantastic day!

Kaitlyn Cedergren 

Development and Volunteer Assistant

100 Save The Bay Drive

Providence, RI 02905

(p) 401-272-3540

Facebook: Savebaynarragansett

Twitter: Savebayri