Science Teacher

Science Teacher
St. Albans School, Washington, DC 20016
St. Albans School of Washington, D.C., is seeking a Middle School science instructor to begin in Fall
2019. The position involves teaching four sections of eighth-grade Environmental Science, a course
that seeks to examine such topics as the water cycle, horticulture, animal life, sustainability, and
climate, particularly through the lenses of conservation, engineering, objects, aesthetics, field
research, and design. Strong candidates will exhibit an ability to teach with imagination and vigor;
a passion for fieldwork, research, and hands-on learning; an interest in interdisciplinary work and
expanding a traditional approach to science; an inclination to favor the learning process over
performance and to seek application-based/authentic assessment wherever possible; the capacity
to develop in students strong critical thinking and analytical abilities; strong organizational and
classroom management skills; an appreciation of adolescent boys; an interest in collaborating with
other Lower School and science department faculty; and a willingness to be an active member of
the school community. Other duties may include advising, coaching, or supervising other afternoon
activities. A background in engineering, conservation work, robotics, art, design—or any STEAMrelated field—is a distinct advantage. A bachelor’s degree and classroom experience are required,
an advanced degree in science preferred.
To apply, please submit cover letter, resume, and list of references to [email protected]
under the heading Science Position.