Silent Spring Institute

Hi Sarah,
Happy new year!

I just wanted to uplift an internship opportunity at my current org, Silent Spring Institute. We are a mission driven non-profit independent research institute focusing on environmental health and chemicals, especially related to women’s health & breast cancer. Our core values are focusing on prevention (i.e. reducing exposure to environmental chemicals that can cause cancer); focusing on the unique health considerations for women and girls (and making sure they are elevated in research & policy); engaging with local communities and providing them with accessible science and information; and promoting environmental justice. To do this, we conduct cutting edge research, funded by NIH, CDC & EPA and in partnership with collaborators at Harvard, Brown, UC Berkeley, Boston University, and more. Our summer internship position allows you to conduct an independent project related to environmental health science, communication, or policy, with supervision from our awesome scientists. For more information and to apply see here: 

I’m also happy to answer any questions–so students feel free to contact me directly: [email protected] or 831-588-8163.
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Summer-Solstice Thomas (she/her)
Research Assistant, Silent Spring Institute
Health & Science Node Coordinator, Cancer Free Economy Network

(831) 588-8163