Student PIRGs

The Student PIRGs have a vision of an America with clean air, clean water, and protected open spaces for all. Unfortunately, over the last four years the Trump Administration has weakened or dismantled more than 100 key environmental protections that most Americans support. Young people turned out in record numbers in November, now they want their elected officials to reflect their values.

That’s why we launched our Rollback the Rollbacks Campaign calling on President Elect Biden to roll back the 20 worst Trump environmental rollbacks in his first 100 days in office.

In just one day —

  • Our team trained more than 300 volunteers to do virtual grassroots petition gathering,
  • Volunteers and interns reached friends and family in 22 states through relational organizing, and as a result
  • More than 1,800 young people signed a petition calling on President Elect Biden to restore key federal environmental protections in his first 100 days in office.

We are excited to announce President Biden is moving on 4 of our 5 day one asks and 7 out of 20 of our first 100 days asks!

Among the actions he will take within the week include: require the United States to rejoin the Paris Agreement; cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit; ban new oil and gas permitting on public lands, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge;  reimpose methane pollution limits for new and existing oil and gas operations; review Trump administration decisions to strip away national monument protections for such iconic locations as Grand Staircase-Escalante, Bears Ears and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine national monuments; use the federal government procurement system to make facilities more reliant on clean energy and to purchase zero-emission electric vehicles; reestablish a working group on the societal cost of carbon; and begin the process of rescinding rollbacks on vehicle tailpipe emissions standards.

We are hiring graduating seniors to join our team of campus organizers to continue to work on issues like this and more. Our early application deadline is this Thursday 1/28. If you have graduating seniors in any of your classes – would you be able to pass along this listserv announcement?

Thanks so much!
Shawna Upton
Recruitment Director, Student PIRGs

Do you want to make a difference post graduation? Early Application Deadline 1/28

The Student PIRGs is hiring graduating seniors to be full-time organizers on campuses across the country.  Below is a bit more about the position and how to apply before our Early Application Deadline on 2/18.

Students are often at the forefront of movements to build a better future for our country. But students only make real progress when they are organized, have the skills to be effective, and a strategic plan to get things done. That’s where we come in: For almost 50 years the Student PIRGs have been working to amplify the power of student activism and help students make real change, right now, to help all Americans to live meaningful lives and to have a future that’s greener and healthier.

For example, this fall our New Voters Project is working to make sure that young people — the largest and most diverse group of potential voters in the country — turn out to vote at historic rates. That means adapting quickly to the new landscape of voting during a pandemic to ensure young voters know when and where to vote, and how to do so safely. In an online world, young people are uniquely set up to organize others, and we’re looking to combine that power with recent momentum we’ve gained on this issue — youth voter turnout doubled in the 2018 elections.

Are you ready to apply- visit our website now. Our Early Application Deadline is 1/28! 

As a full-time organizer with the Student PIRGs’, your responsibilities will include:

  • Inspiring and recruiting hundreds of students to take action on important issues.
  • Training students to be effective social change leaders so they can run strategic campaigns, using skills like organizing news conferences, building strong coalitions, generating grassroots support, and coordinating lobby days.
  • Building a strong, sustainable, student-funded, and student-run organization on campus by fundraising, building relationships with key players on campus, and building our brand.
  • Building relationships with other student groups, faculty and administrators.
  • Working alongside students to win real reforms for the public.
  • Running a citizen outreach office during the summer, where you’ll recruit and lead a team of canvassers to fundraise for important issues.

If you want to help students get organized, mobilized, and energized apply today . Please submit your application by our Early Application Deadline on 1/28/21!