Summer Enviro Internship opportunity in Oregon: carbon pricing advocacy

Writing to share a great summer internship opportunity here in Oregon with Oregon Climate a millennial-centered policy and advocacy organization working hard to put a price on carbon. I know that the Oregon Climate leadership would welcome a CES intern from Williams!

Oregon Climate has an established Fellows program with a rolling application, and a track record of productive summer experiences for students. Interested applicants should start by checking out this link:
Current listings are for Spring 2016, but there will be similar opportunities for the summer period.

Students interested in advocacy on carbon pricing, and in outreach to students and young people to build the movement, will find no more inspiring team to join than this one. And it’s in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

The Oregon Climate team is busy with our Legislature this week. But soon they will be making summer program plans. Let me know if you have any questions about internship possibilities, and/or contact Licia Sahagun, [email protected]. Good luck to the current CES contingent, and thank you to CES for continuing to support funded internships!