Summer Student Internship/Leaderships

Summer Student Internships/Learnerships
We are now inviting applications for our internships/learnerships (one working primarily with plants and one or two primarily with insects) to join us for the 2022 summer months. Please feel free to forward these announcements to any potentially interested people in your circles.
For general information about these learning opportunities, please visit For detailed descriptions of each of the positions and how to apply, please see ENTOMOLOGY position description (.pdf file) or BOTANY position description (.pdf file).

Winter Botany
The materials for the self-guided Winter Botany course at Crellin Park and PS21 in Chatham are available at We invite you to use the online materials and to go visit the accompanying flagged trees at Crellin Park and PS21 at your leisure.

We also still have a few spaces available for the upcoming Winter Botany outdoor workshops on Saturday, Feb. 12, 1-3pm (Crellin Park) and Saturday, Feb. 29, 1-3pm (PS21). If you would like to join these in-person sessions, please contact [email protected] to reserve your space.

Rain Gauges
If you have requested one of the rain gauges we have offered in our annual appeal, don’t worry, we have not forgotten about them! We plan to send/distribute them in March. Because the tubes are made of glass, we’ll be recommending that you don’t put them out until the risk of freezing and thus breakage is past.

With warm regards,
Claudia, Conrad, Anna, Dylan, Kenny, and Nellie

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