Summer Sustainability Research Intern

Project for Public Spaces is seeking a full or part-time intern to assist with research for our “Sustainable Places” initiative, one of eight transformative agendas established by our Placemaking Leadership Council. The internship will run for 8-10 weeks over the summer, and can be anywhere between 21-35 hours per week, depending on availability. Housing will not be provided. This internship is based in New York City.

Primary responsibilities will include:

● Creating a database of research materials (books, academic articles, news articles, etc) on the intersection of sustainability and Placemaking/urban planning.

● Compiling key points from this research into a series of internal briefs ● Assisting the Senior Writer in the preparation of a long form piece stating PPS’s agenda with regards to Sustainable Places

● Gathering images and text for a “Sustainable Places” powerpoint presentation

● Researching information for the creation of a “Sustainable Places” training course

Other potential responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

● Researching and writing case studies for other teams within PPS

● Authoring and/or collaborating on PPS blog posts and EXPOSURE photo blogs

How to Apply

Please send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to [email protected] by close of business on Monday, March 9th. Please indicate you are applying for “Sustainability Research Internship” in the subject line. Incomplete applications will not be looked at.

Desired Qualifications:

The position requires a self-motivated, detail-oriented person with excellent writing, oral communication, research, and organizational skills and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

Candidates should have a strong interest in and understanding of sustainability, public space planning, and Placemaking issues.

Ideal candidates would have:

● Excellent communication, writing, and research skills

● The ability to write in an informal, journalistic (non-academic) style for the PPS blog

● An understanding of the intersection between environmental and urban studies

● A working knowledge of Placemaking, in addition to a passion for exploring and creating thriving public spaces

● Competency with Google Sheets and Excel

About PPS

PPS is a nonprofit planning, design, and educational organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities.

Our pioneering placemaking approach helps citizens transform their public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation, and serve common needs. PPS was founded in 1975 to expand on the work of William (Holly) Whyte, author of The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.

About Sustainable Places

Over the past half-century, environmentalists have led the way in raising public awareness about massive global issues like climate change. In galvanizing action to address such large-scale and abstract issues, however, this focus sometimes overshadows local issues and channels for action. A new environmental agenda that draws on the strengths of Placemaking will continue to ask the familiar questions about any new action: Is it sustainable? Will it minimize harmful impacts on ecosystems? But we will also ask new questions: Is a project enhancing life, both natural and human? How can we best nurture our natural and built environments? How can a campaign for Placemaking address and embrace sustainability for the planet and its people?

About Placemaking Leadership Council (PLC)

The Placemaking Leadership Council (PLC) is a group of doers and deep thinkers at the forefront of the Placemaking movement. Founded in 2013, the Council was formed by PPS to strengthen Placemaking as an international movement and to establish a cross-disciplinary network for placemakers working in many diverse contexts.

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