The Nutcracker Ecosystem Project Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative

Citizen Science Internship Posting
February 2019
Location: Northern Cascades, Washington state
Dates: June – August, 2019 (10 weeks, flexible start and end dates)
Position Background:
Since 2009, Dr. Taza Schaming has been studying the impact of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) decline
on Clark’s Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana) demography and habitat use, initially in the Greater
Yellowstone Ecosystem, then recently expanding into Washington’s Northern Cascades. Check out the
Clark’s Nutcracker Ecosystem Project ( for details. In
2016, collaborator Anya Tyson, M.Sc. launched the Clark’s Nutcracker Citizen Science Project
(, to amplify Dr. Schaming’s research
efforts by involving volunteers of all ages across western Wyoming and southern Montana. With support
from both Tyson and Schaming, the Citizen Science Intern will be responsible for implementing a new
phase of the Clark’s Nutcracker Citizen Science Project to support the conservation of this charismatic,
critically-important species in the Pacific Northwest. We are looking for a self-motivated, creative
individual with a passion for conservation to fill this role. Serving as a regional lead, the Citizen Science
Intern will gain valuable volunteer management experience and program evaluation skills, highly
applicable to those interested in pursuing careers in conservation. The successful candidate will enjoy
opportunities to explore the ecology of stunning mountain landscapes and address independent social
science research questions if desired. We will provide mileage reimbursement for daily travel to field
sites and presentation locations, and will help locate a rental in northern Washington.
Position Duties:
● Provide trainings to diverse audiences on Clark’s nutcracker ecology, identification, and project
● Initiate and steward strategic partnerships with regional nonprofits, Audubon chapters, and
educational organizations.
● Design, field-test, and refine new field protocols and technology including use of existing citizen
science platforms and apps.
● Manage social media accounts to recruit new volunteers and engage existing volunteer
● Solicit and compile feedback from volunteers via online surveys.
● Maintain and distribute project equipment and educational resources such as identification
Essential Training and Skills:
● Must enjoy working independently with high level of responsibility.
● Intermediate or advanced knowledge of bird identification and natural history.
● Excellent communication skills, especially public speaking.
● Tech-savvy with a variety of platforms including iNaturalist, Google Suite, Microsoft Excel.
● Ability to hike and teach in mountainous terrain.
● *Must* have access to vehicle for duration of the internship.
● Field research experience preferred.
● Environmental education experience preferred.
● Coursework in ornithology, conservation biology, natural resource management or
environmental studies preferred.
To Apply:
Send resume, references, and brief cover letter describing why you are interested in and qualified for
this position in single PDF to Anya Tyson, [email protected] by March 4. Please include “Citizen
Science Intern” in the subject line.