The Plumas Audubon Society

The Plumas Audubon Society is accepting applications for wildlife
conservation internships available May-September 2016. Interns have the
opportunity to help with Plumas Audubon’s diverse wildlife monitoring,
forest health, conservation and education programs. Two interns are needed
to monitor Clark’s and Western Grebes on four lakes in Plumas and Lassen
Counties and to set-up and maintain bat monitoring stations from June 6
through August 21 (1 position) and September 30 (1 position). Three
interns are needed for the Lake Davis Flammulated Owl study, which involves
night-time owl surveys, daytime nest searching, capturing and banding owls,
and habitat data collection from May 23 through July 29. Interns will be
assigned primarily to the grebe/bat or the owl project, but will have the
opportunity to assist with other projects including forest health work in
Genesee Valley, Northern Goshawk and Spotted Owl surveys, vegetation data
collection, and environmental education and outreach activities. Field
work includes long hours during the night and/or day kayaking, hiking long
distances, navigating with GPS, compass and maps, and observing wildlife in
a variety of weather conditions including cold nights and hot days in
variable terrain and environments. Interns need to be physically able to
handle these conditions and need to have a positive attitude and
willingness to learn diverse field techniques. Interns will camp in teams
in designated areas. Applicants need to have camping and hiking gear,
transportation to get to Quincy and camping locations, and health
insurance. Transportation will be provided for field work. Compensation
includes a $750/month volunteer stipend. Applicants need to be high school
or college students (recent graduates will also be considered). Preference
will be given to college students whom have completed two years in a
biology/natural resource program and are interested and motivated to become
wildlife biologists or natural resource professionals. Application forms
are available at Please follow the
instructions on the application form. Applications will be reviewed as
they are received and interns will be selected by March 15.