TREE Foundation

CES Internship with TREE Foundation – Rain Forest Conservation: State of the Planet

(  – Meg Lowman, CEO and Williams ‘76

This internship involves environmental education, policy, biology, and conservation. We seek student(s) to research the state of our planet’s forests, ranging from countries with healthy forests to percentages of deforestation to supply chains for timber to current medicinal uses of trees. The ultimate goals are twofold:

  1. To create clear and meaningful website graphics and information about the state of the planet’s forests, especially tropical rain forests.
  2. To create visual materials such as powerpoints that can be used to present school talks which communication rain forest conservation, value of trees, and tree factoids to K-12 age groups.

This internship is virtual, so students can live at home or anywhere they might choose, as long as they have good wifi to communicate with the CEO and staff of the TREE Foundation. Immediate supervisor is Dr. Meg Lowman (Williams ’76,, and work will be assessed by fortnightly Zoom sessions to discuss progress. The duration and onset of internship are flexible, with anything between 6-10 weeks required.