Tropical Rain Forest Conservation through Ecotourism in the Amazon

Tropical Rain Forest Conservation through Ecotourism in the Amazon – with TREE Foundation  (Meg Lowman 76, CEO)

This summer internship will research the diverse global sites that use ecotourism to provide sustainable income for indigenous people through ecotourism, not logging. The successful applicant will spend a few weeks engaged in literature research of existing success stories, approximately 2 weeks in Sarasota FL interfacing with TREE Foundation, and 2 weeks at the worlds longest canopy walkway in Amazonian Peru, interviewing locals about conservation, canopy ecology and income sustainability through ecotourism.
Students who know Spanish are preferred, but not required. Ability to work remotely, and willing to travel to Peru (passport etc required) essential. This internship is useful for students interested in careers of ecology, conservation, sustainable economics, and science education.
With CV and statement of interest.
June 25- aug 30

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Dr. Meg Lowman
Director, TREE Foundation
Visiting Professor, National Univ Singapore
National Geographic Explorer
Research Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia
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Address:  3621 North Point Rd, unit 702, Osprey FL 34229