Two New Undergraduate Clean Energy Advocacy Internships

Given the increasing importance of training the next generation of clean energy advocates and leaders we have decided to offer 2 new undergraduate internship opportunities this summer at Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEE).  The internships would be open to students who have at least completed the sophomore year as well as this spring’s recent graduates.  The internship will be for 30 hours a week (with a reduced schedule during the 2 week period in class and with the 4th of July week and Friday’s off if desired) and extend from May 30th to August 4th.  Interns will be able to take one of the two week Summer Energy Courses for free and will each receive a $1,000 stipend (likely to be taxable).  Interns will be invited to participate in the weekly seminar of our energy clinic which is working on exciting community energy projects across New England with a particular focus on climate justice issues.  Through our work and weekly seminars the interns will be able to interact with multiple practitioners in the clean energy field, participate in field trips and will work with the IEE faculty on a sustainability project during the internship.
Applications are due April 1, 2017 and require 1)  a cover letter expressing interest in a clean energy advocacy career and the internship, 2) one letter of recommendation from AESS faculty, and 3) an unofficial copy of undergraduate transcripts.  Applications, including faculty recommendations, should be sent to Jennifer Thomas at [email protected]   It is our goal to make internship offers around April 17th and our decisions will be heavily weighted by the AESS faculty recommendations.  We will also send copies of the IEE’s forthcoming book (Praeger, April 2017), “The Electric Battery:  Charging Forward to a Low Carbon Future” which U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders endorses as “a key to achieving our sustainable energy revolution” to at least 5 applicants whose cover letters and applications we find inspiring.  For students accepted we will provide access to resources for summer housing opportunities in the area.   If there are questions your students can check out the resources below or email me at [email protected]
Information on the Institute for Energy and the Environment can be found at
Information on the work of our Energy Clinic can be found at