Wayne National Forest

Summer Interns – 2 Participants

Statement of Work

Geologic mapping of the wells in and around the Wayne National Forest, in southeastern Ohio, to determine the net impact from the oil and gas activities on the Federal Minerals located within the Wayne National Forest associated with legacy leases. Ohio has a minor minimum offset rule which means that any well can be placed with the minimum offset within the lease. This project would provide documentation and mapping of the lease type, amount of the usable resources, and expected royalties due to the Federal Government. The planned activities would require reading title and lease documents, mapping in ArcGIS and field verification of various active wells on the lease. The planned activities would also include the mapping of orphan and abandoned wells on the forest. Recording GPS coordinate information while in the field is also required. The position is primarily located in an office cube setting with one week in the field. This project is specifically categorized as Resource Protection. Goals: 1. Create GIS layers based on title and lease information. 2. Import well data, depth data and production information for all wells 3. Produce a report that outlines the current leases, reversion leases, production and royalty rights associated with all lands. 4. Report or spreadsheet outlining the location with photos of orphan wells found on the leases.

The position is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin with no housing stipend.


There are three expected outcomes: 1) GIS layers for various title and lease information. 2) Report with map outlining the status of reversionary leases. 3) Report outlining orphan well locations on the Wayne National Forest.


The project will start on June 25, 2018 with some flexibility based on the availability of selected participants.  The project duration is 6 weeks.


Theresa M. Bodus

Region 9 Minerals Program Manager

USDA Forest Service
p: 414-297-3529
f: 414-944-3964
[email protected]
626 East Wisconsin Ave, Suite 600
Milwaukee, WI 53202