2023 Sheep Hill

Join us at Sheep Hill this summer to learn the ropes of land conservation, facilitating nature discovery for kids, and helping out with special projects. In July you will join our programs director to lead day programs for kids over two weeks, basically exciting kids about nature and the outdoors while keeping them safe (but not clean). Other things we invite you to do this summer include the following:
  • Impact assessment: data mining and management, and creating flashy infographics on what we do and what our impact is.
  • Infusing our communications materials with messages that welcome a diversity of people to enjoy the outdoors, participate in our programs, and get involved; i.e., integrating DEI+ throughout the organization
  • Take brilliant photos of W’town landscapes, nature and programs and prepare them for publicity use.
Check us out at www.rurallands.org.
Must act fast — we’ve got to interview you by Wednesday, April 6 so you can put together a stellar application for Williams CES internship funding and college housing due on April 7.
Interested? Send a brief note of interest and your resume to the WRL Executive Director Robin Sears ([email protected]) with your telephone number and a time to reach you – by Wednesday at noon.