2023 Square Roots Farm, Lansborough, MA

Location: Square Roots Farm, Lanesborough, MA, just 25 minutes from campus

Dates: 6-8 weeks

Housing: No on farm housing available, housing available at the College

The Farm:

Square Roots Farm is a diversified family livestock farm located on 185 acres in Lanesborough, Massachusetts in our fourteenth year of operation. We use rotational grazing to build healthy soils, sequester carbon, raise exceptional animals, and produce delicious food for our community.  We follow organic practices and work to honor, restore, and build upon relationships among people, animals, food, and the land. Our customer base spans multiple cross-sections of our community, from seasonal tourists and second home owners to middle class residents and families facing financial struggles.  We vend at farmers’ markets that serve low income communities by accepting and doubling SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) benefits.

Our farm team consists of owners Michael & Ashley, our two young kids, 1-3 part-time farm hands, 10,000 broilers, 2000 laying hens, 400 turkeys, 45 head of Devon cattle, and 40 pigs.

The Job:

We are offering a college internship this year to allow a student to gain a wide variety of experiences on the farm.  The right applicant could be a student who is curious about a career in sustainable livestock farming, or anyone who wants a better understanding of how food can be produced in ways that positively impact our relationship with the land and environment.  Interns will feed chickens, collect eggs, move chicken pens, move cows and pigs to fresh pasture, wash and pack eggs, participate in chicken processing days, attend farmers markets, and generally do a little bit of everything that it takes to keep a small farm going.  No farming experience necessary or expected.

The internship is 40 hrs/week, including some Saturdays at the farmers market.  Minimum six weeks, eight weeks preferred.

This is an unpaid internship, eligible for a stipend through CES.

To Apply:

Please send a resume and letter of interest to [email protected]