Background Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT)

Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to protect the environment for wildlife, to support the natural world that sustains us all. We take on a broad scope of work to achieve our ambitious goals. Examples include: performing stormwater sampling and stream continuity surveys to eliminate pollution in our rivers and to improve aquatic passage, challenging peaking power plants and biomass plants to reduce air pollution and help the state actually meet its climate goals, and assisting in the implementation of composting and zero waste initiatives to reduce the amount of garbage wildlife has to contend with. BEAT is an equal opportunity organization. We work closely with all types of people and we stand against all forms of discrimination including those based upon age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, color, veteran status, marital status, size, religion, sexual orientation, LGBTQ+ status, socioeconomic background, or system of belief.
Seasonal Social Media Associate
BEAT is seeking 1 part time Social Media Associate to assist with our Facebook, Instagram, and twitter pages for approximately a 10-week period. The Social Media Associate would begin work as soon as possible and continue until the end of August or later if funding is available. The Associate would be paid at a rate of $17.50/hr for 10 hours a week. Please send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to [email protected] to apply.
Required Qualifications
• Passion for protecting the Environment
• Ability to proficiently use the following social media platforms:
o Facebook
o Twitter
o Instagram
Preferred Qualifications
• Degree/prior experience in Marketing, Environmental Journalism, or related field
• Ability to demonstrate prior success in increasing organizational engagement through
social media strategies
• Ability to demonstrate good interpersonal skills especially in situations where people
may not agree with you
• Proficiency using Robly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media/outreach
outlets is strongly preferred
• Proficiency with Canva or other graphic design platforms is strongly preferred