Campus Farm Research Internship

Campus Farming & Food Summer Research Position

CES/DS/HMF (Center for Environmental Studies, Dining Services, Hopkins Forest) seeks a student researcher/intern to conduct interdisciplinary research on the potential to grow food on college owned land.

Focusing primarily on farmland in Hopkins Forest (Wire Bridge Farm), the student will research all aspects of food production there, including the agricultural potential of the land, what crops could thrive there, what Dining Services could use, what the current farmer can grow and harvest, the economics—costs and projected revenues of various crops, the environmental implications of different crops, and the logistics and costs of processing crops for use by Dining Services.  In short, the student will conduct the research necessary to develop a few detailed and viable recommendations for the management of this parcel.

Research will include field work, talking with farmers and other agricultural experts, researching small scale processing options, and producing a detailed report.


-Position is 6-10 weeks

-Intern is eligible for free campus housing and as part of the compensation package DS offers a summer meal plan.

-Intern will work staff in Dining as well as under the supervision of the Associate Director of CES and the Manager of Hopkins Forest.

Eligibility: Applicant must: 1) be interested in farming and food and have some coursework and/or experience working in farming or the food system; 2) be self-motivated and able to design a research agenda and carry it out with minimal daily supervision, 3) have strong communication skills and practical research abilities for field research involving phone calling, interviewing, & meeting with people to get information;  4) be capable of taking initiative and 5) maintain regular contact with supervisors.  Project will result in a detailed report and presentation to supervisors.

To Apply:  Send a query to Sarah Gardner, followed by a one page cover letter, resume, transcript and letter of reference from a Williams faculty to [email protected] by March 1.