Caretaker Farm Communications Internship

Application Deadline: Mar 10, 2024

Dates of Internship:

June 24th-August 9th   (Flexible)

Reports To

The Caretaker Farm Communications Intern will report to Caretaker Farm Manager, Don Zasada.

Job Overview

The intern will provide support to connect Caretaker Farm CSA with 300 farm member families.  They will enhance our social media and web presence through photos and videos while updating the signage on the farm to provide a more profound experience to all farm visitors.  The intern will also assist the farm in some work tasks to understand more profoundly sustainable agriculture and give context to the communication with our community.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop a photo bank throughout the summer for social media, website and publications.
  • Craft two 90-120 second videos of our farm for outreach opportunities.
  • Upgrade signage in our Distribution Area, U-Pick gardens and hoophouses.
  • Assist with fieldwork(Planting, harvesting, washing, weeding, hoeing, etc.) to experience sustainable agriculture in order to more effectively develop outreach materials that express our mission.
  • Maintain social media presence during internship through Facebook and Instagram.
  • Greeting farm members that come for our weekly distributions and explaining what is available for the week.
  • Develop notecards for communication from farm photos.
  • There are two options for the timing of the internship:
  1. The internship is 8 weeks and 40 hours per week.  It will be divided such that 21 hours will be dedicated to specific communications/outreach projects and the remaining 19 hours will involve assisting in various types of farm tasks.


  1. It is also possible for the internship to be 30 hours a week with 16 hours dedicated to specific communications/outreach projects and the remaining 14 hours will involve assisting in various types of farm tasks.

We will decide on the total number of hours per week based on conversations with the intern before the start of the program.


  • We are looking for an energetic, self-motivated individual who is passionate about helping us share with our community the everyday experience of our farm through various forms of media.
  • Experience with graphic design, video editing and photography is helpful.
  • Creative and artistic students are encouraged to apply.
  • Although prior experience on a farm is helpful, it is not a necessary prerequisite for this internship.