Confronting Climate Change Internships On-campus summer emissions research positions

The 2016-17 academic year will focus on “Confronting Climate Change” (CCC) at Williams. As part of this CCC initiative we will be closely examining campus emissions and holding some exercises, such as the wedge game,* to demonstrate the options for the campus to meet its CO2 emissions reductions goals.

To this end, the Zilkha Center and the Center for Environmental Studies are hiring five summer research assistants to gather and analyze campus greenhouse gas emissions data and conduct background research for a climate-change related campus event in the next academic year.

The students will work as a team to determine the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction potential of a variety of strategies. Areas of research may include car, bus, and air transportation on college business, campus building hours and energy systems, renewable energy projects, conservation measures, and policies and practices to achieve reductions.

We are seeking students with a variety of skills but most importantly experience with data collection and analysis and an interest in primary research. We will provide training on the details of emissions calculations, but seek students with strong quantitative skills, experience with Excel, and an ability to work tenaciously to track down primary data. Applicants should have experience in visual displays of data (web/graphic design skills) and a general interest in climate change.

The work done by student researchers will be used to run events during the academic year in which groups of students, faculty and staff work together to consider combinations of strategies that can be used to achieve campus GHG emissions goals.

To: Apply:
1. Complete the online application form.
Under “Title of Project” write “CCC Internship” and respond to each the questions below in 1 paragraph: 1) Describe your interest in campus GHG emissions and the College’s initiative to reduce emissions; 2) Explain how your experience qualifies you for this position; 3) What are your research preferences, based on the description above.
2. Submit an unofficial copy of your transcript to [email protected] (Write CCC Internship Application” in subject line.)
3. Submit your resume to [email protected] (Write CCC Internship Application in subject line.)
Application Deadline: March 10, 2016

*The Wedge Game is based on a 2004 paper by Rob Socolow, linked below. It is a game that demonstrates global GHG emissions in a visual way, and participants make choices about how to achieve reductions. We are planning to develop a campus version of the wedge game with campus data. Please see the paper here:

Confronting Climate Change Internships

On campus summer emissions research positions.