Cricket Creek Farm Internship: On-Farm Research and Data Analysis

Description: In the summer of 2015, Cricket Creek Farm will be completing the second year of a 2-year research study assessing the impact of foliar sprays on our pastures and hayfields.  In our research we are comparing 6 different foliar spray treatments and measuring 9 different variables as indicators for soil and plant health.  In this position, you will help with both data collection in the field, and also analysis of the results as the season progresses.  While this study is robust in depth and breadth, it will not take the full schedule – the rest of the time is allocated to data analysis of various other aspects of our farm and cheese making operation.  This data includes cow production, cheese yield and inventory analysis, and sales data.  You will have the opportunity to work with many of the “behind the scenes” concepts and numbers.  This position is perfect for anyone who wants to split their time between outside work in the fields, and focused indoor work.  Applicants should have some interest in food production or land management.  Some experience with Googledoc spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel is a must.
Suzy Konecky
Cricket Creek Farm 
1255 Oblong Road
Williamstown, MA 01267