Cricket Creek Farm

CES Internship Posting


Internship Description:


Learn about the business and practices of running a small, sustainable dairy farm in South Williamstown!


Cricket Creek Farm is seeking a summer intern to work and learn with us. Your primary project will be to analyze budget and schedule data to estimate the cost of producing each of our 7 different cheeses, and to review and evaluate our current pricing structure. You will be learning about the markets for sustainable agricultural products, as well as the costs of production.


Additional responsibilities may include selling cheese and meat at local farmers’ markets, stocking and merchandising the farm store, conceiving and implementing digital marketing efforts, and other tasks around the farm and creamery.


About Us:


Cricket Creek Farm is a small, grass-based cow dairy which produces raw milk, artisanal cheese, beef and whey-fed pork. (We’re currently milking 35 cows, with 80 animals total). Our mission is to produce nourishing food that honors our animals, respects the land, and feeds our community; and to exemplify a sustainable model for small farm viability. We sell our goods through our farm store, at local farmers markets, and through various regional cheese shops, food co-ops, restaurants, and other establishments.  We are an open farm – we welcome visitors and encourage questions.


The farm is located at 1255 Oblong Road, about 6 miles from the Williams College campus.


Internship Dates:


Flexible; approximately June 18-August 24, 2018.


How to Apply:


Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected], with the subject line: CES Internship.