GIS Analysis of Historical Hopkins Forest Maps and Data

Spatial information on the Hopkins Memorial Forest dates back to the first colonial surveys of Williamstown and deed records in the mid-18th Century, continues in the 19th Century with agricultural surveys and Town tax records, and intensifies further with the advent of the U.S. Forest Service use of the landscape as an Experimental Forest and the establishment of the permanent plot system in the mid-1930s.  This project will import existing digital maps, spreadsheet data, and database records for the Hopkins Forest into a GIS for the presentation and analysis of the spatial information.


This position is for a qualifying student with knowledge/skill using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This is a great opportunity to gain real project experience and professional development. The student will work under the direction of project leads (Cory Campbell of OIT and Henry Art of ENVI/BIOL) to complete various tasks related to Hopkins Memorial Forest historical data. Good communication and documentation skills are essential. Previous GIS experience is required (successful completion of GEOS/ENVI-214 or other demonstrable GIS experience with a letter of reference. Preferred skills include: digitizing vector data, georeferencing raster data, transforming datasets, working with database schemas, and spatial data management.   Compensation is for 10 weeks (~40 hour week) at $440 week, Monday, June 12​, to Friday,

August 19​.  Housing will be provided for free if the student signs up for a Williams Dining Service meal plan.