Hoosic River Watershed Association Summer Intern

The Hoosic River, which flows by Cole Field, runs 70 miles from Cheshire Reservoir through Massachusetts, Vermont and New York to the Hudson River. The Hoosic River Watershed Association seeks to improve the river and the lives of those who live in its 720-square-mile catchment. Our office is in the Congregational Church, across from Paresky.

We are seeking an intern for research and for outdoor, hands-on activities. HooRWA responds to events and circumstances, so that the exact agenda may wait until summer. We anticipate that the intern would assist in an ongoing project to determine if bridges and culverts in the watershed are sized appropriately and allow for wildlife passage, however.

We expect that the intern will follow up on the CES fall planning class’ study on “Claiming the Williams Riverfront,” the area that borders Cole Field. This could include but is not limited to coordinating with the students who prepared the report, working with bike path consulting engineers hired by the town, working with the college administration on campus bike paths and funding riverfront projects, improving trails and overlooks, constructing a wildlife viewing blind, working with WOC to improve a kayak launching site, and developing brochures and maps.

We would like to have an intern coordinate and occasionally lead public activities at river sites, such as visits to historic sites, boat trips and bike rides, depending on the intern’s interest and skills. There may be an opportunity to lead volunteers in removing trash out of a section of the river.

We hope to design the internship so the intern is introduced to a range of watershed issues. At the same time, we would work with the intern to shape a summer that provides for “ownership”—that is, substantial progress on a project chosen by the intern. It would help if the intern had access to an automobile or a bicycle. Trail maintenance experience is of interest although not necessary; nor is unusual physical strength a requirement.

Contact: Steve McMahon [email protected]