Hopkins Memorial Forest Archive Research Assistant

Data, maps, images, oral history interviews, tax records, and other materials pertaining to the history of the Hopkins Memorial Forest have been collected over the past decades and are being brought together as a public-access archive of the HMF to facilitate the further investigations of long-term changes in the various plant communities of the Hopkins Forest, and the extent to which natural and human-use disturbances have played a role in shaping the present patterns of these communities and ecosystems. The HMF Archive Research Assistant will be involved with cataloging the collection of data from a grid of permanent monitoring plots initiated in 1935 by the U.S. Forest Service when they operated the facility, records of the HMF deed history, oral history, and other socioeconomic data that have complemented the ecological databases on the Hopkins Forest. Maps, aerial photographs, oral histories of people associated with the HMF and its predecessor Buxton Farms, photographs spanning the period 1900 to present, deed histories of the HMF from the settlement of the town in 1753, and extensive archives of the Rosenburg family and the U.S. Forest Service – Amos Lawrence Hopkins Experimental Forest will be digitized and uploaded to the “Unbound” web site:
Preferred skills include: digitizing and scanning proficiency, audio editing, Adobe Photoshop, and experience working with spreadsheets and datasets. Compensation is for 10 weeks (~40 hour week) at $440 week, Monday, June 11 to Friday, August 18. Housing will be provided for free if the student signs up for a Williams Dining Service meal plan.