Pownal Historical Society

Intern: Pownal Historical Society
Pownal, VT
When: June-August 2022
Job Overview
Pownal Historical Society is looking for a summer intern to support its efforts to showcase the rich
history of Pownal, its beautiful landscape, and present day assets, all in order to encourage
economic development and build community. The intern will promote the Town of Pownal by
continuing the development of our website, pownal.org, a project begun by two Environmental
Planning students. They will conduct historical research, interact with townspeople and local
businesses, and expand the scope of the website to include areas like ecotourism and the arts.
Responsibilities and Duties
● Maintain, develop and expand the pownal.org website
● Conduct historical research
● Interview local individuals and businesses, including farmers, artisans, and long-time
● Record oral histories and post to website
● Explore the historic sights and scenic landscapes
● Take photographs and post to website
● Develop graphic maps and driving tours of historic sights and views and post to the website
● Begin creating podcast(s) to better showcase Pownal, its natural beauty, rich history and
present day assets
● We are looking for an energetic, self-motivated individual who is interested in history,
environmental studies, community building and development, and/or marketing
● Has knowledge of SquareSpace and/or website design (or could learn these skills quickly)
● Is a good communicator who enjoys outreach to the community
● Enjoys conducting research, current and historical
● Is able to create maps, develop driving tours and podcasts
● Has mode of transportation
To Apply: Please submit a letter of interest to Wendy Hopkins [email protected] and Joyce
Held [email protected]