Seasonal Forestry Assistant

These positions are currently being advertised across the state and for various lengths of time.  Work under the positions will have a large field component; some will be related more toward traditional forestry (e.g., timber cruising, property line marking, timber harvest preparation and monitoring); while one will be related a bit more toward general ecology (re-measurement of existing, and establishment of new, continuous forest inventory (CFI) plots).  Both, however, will require practical, daily use of GIS to collect, update, and compile information, which may relate more to your programs directly.

Links to the website with job descriptions and application portal are below:

Seasonal Forestry Assistant – CFI (based out of Pittsfield but work may be in many areas of the state; 3/29 – 11/14)

Seasonal Forestry Assistant – North Region (e.g., Lowell; primarily the northeast part of MA; 3/29 – 11/14)

Season Forestry Assistant – South Region (e.g., Carver; primarily the southeastern part of the state; 5/10 – 9/12)

If you’d prefer to not be bothered with this and I’d be happy to oblige.  Thanks for your consideration and best regards,


William VanDoren

Forester II

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

Bureau of Forestry

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