Summer 2016 Internship, Eagle Eye Institute, MountainStar Forest,Peru, MA

This is more than an internship; it is a transformational learning opportunity!Title: Residential Land Management Intern

Positions Available: 2

Background: Eagle Eye Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in
Peru, MA, committed to engaging underserved urban youth with the environment
through hands-on exploratory learning, stewardship, and career bridging
programs. This internship program takes place at MountainStar Forest, a 200+
acre forest training site in Peru, MA, just 30 miles west of Northampton, MA. The
mission of the site is to protect the spirit of this forest and to conserve and
enhance its beauty and health by engaging people of all ages and cultural
backgrounds in its stewardship, so that future generations of all life can flourish.

Description: As an intern, you will live on the land for six weeks and connect
with nature, others, and yourself in an immersive outdoor setting. Housing will be
provided in private Eureka Equinox 6 standup tents, each on its own tent
platform. You will live off the grid without electronic devices, participate in food
preparation (all food is vegan and will be provided), learn about energy and water
conservation while living outdoors, help grow organic vegetables, and deepen
your overall relationship with nature. You will gain hands-on experience in land
management, including but not limited to, tree, shrub, and flower planting,
mowing and weed whacking, trail building and repair, forest management and
firewood production, brush cleanup, vegetable gardening, and traditional and
alternative building construction. You will also have the opportunity to assist with
Eagle Eye Institute overnight programs for youth held at the land over the
summer. This will include camp setup, food prep, and overall logistics. In
addition, you may keep a daily journal of your experiences, share your personal
story, and participate in daily morning meditation and exercise.

Melinda Stockmann, former MountainStar Forest intern, says:
“So, I think what I’ll tell other people is that this is a really good chance to …well,
not to be too clichéd… but to connect with yourself and with others and with
nature… and to just really get back to the basics…Coming out here for six weeks
you get to really just be. And work. And appreciate work. And appreciate play
and appreciate the food you eat. And just think about what you want to be and
what you want to do and what you are doing and what you are being. And that’s
really an opportunity that a lot of folks don’t get…It’s challenging… especially if
you’re used to being in a routine and having constant stimulation in different
ways…You have to be committed to the opportunity for what it is…I think it’s
definitely worth it and it pays off on a lot of different levels…Outdoor living is fun!”We are looking for the right individuals with the following qualities:
• Hard-working
• Positive attitude
• Willingness to learn with an open mind
• Sense of humor
• Sense of cooperation
• Experience and commitment to working with diverse people, especially
urban youth of color
• Trustworthiness
• Ability to work independently and with a team
• Good communicator
• A leader who can take initiative

• Current college/university student
• Good physical condition
• Knowledge of and interest in the environment
• Camping and outdoor living experience
• Use of basic hand tools: shovel, rake, mower, weedwacker, etc.
• Some carpentry skills

Additional Qualifications:
• Must have own trasportation to and from the site.
• We prefer that interns have an additional living situation within
commuting distance, for weekends and days off.
• Flexibility with days and hours.

Timeline: Six weeks, approx. July 6 – August 17, 2016 (exact dates TBD).
Schedule: 40 hours per week, flexible based on weather and work to be
accomplished any given day or week.
Compensation: Room (camping) and board.

How to Apply:
Submit a resume, two character references, and a letter stating why you are
interested, why you are the best person for this internship, what skills you have to
contribute, and what you would like to learn from this experience. How do you
see this internship helping you in your own personal development?
Contact: Anthony Sanchez, Board President, Eagle Eye Institute
MountainStar Forest Manager
(413) 655-0103
[email protected]