Urban Forestry Commission (UFC) Northampton MA


This is an opportunity to work with the seven-member Urban Forestry Commission (UFC) in Northampton MA, on the goal of designing and producing a series of educational workshops about the value of trees and the value of a healthy urban forest. Most people like being around trees, but the goal of this series must be to communicate the worth of trees; their value in reducing stormwater runoff, absorbing carbon dioxide, and providing many other “ecosystem services.”

By order of Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz, the UFC has convened remotely since August 2020 and this position would be remote.

This is envisioned as a six-week research internship that will run from Monday June 14, 2021 to Friday July 30, 2021. The timing ensures that the intern will be able to participate in three official UFC meetings.

David Lukens is the newest member of the UFC, appointed in 2020. David spent one year at Williams and graduated from Vassar College in 1992. Applicants may contact him at [email protected].

While this is a remote position, David might be able to help find housing for the duration of the internship or even just a few weeks. Living in Northampton is the best way to experience the city’s impressive trees, and there will be ample opportunities to meet lots of tree advocates in-person every Wednesday and Saturday, when teams of volunteers will be planting street trees all over the City (unless it is very hot) from 9am-12pm.

Please send your resume and a brief explanation of your interest to David via email at [email protected].