Williamstown Agricultural Internship

Williamstown Agricultural Internship

CES is sponsoring a full-time Williamstown Agricultural Internship, which provides a twofold opportunity to delve into our local farmer’s market and local agricultural history for 8-10 weeks in the summer of 2017 (dates flexible).

The Intern will serve as an assistant at the Williamstown Farmers Market (WFM), promoting and managing the weekly Saturday markets at the base of Spring Street. Tasks include interacting with vendors, staffing market information booth, arranging musicians and special events, and preparing updates for WFM’s Facebook page and website.

The Intern will also work with the Williamstown Historical Museum (WHM) on projects pertaining to the history of our local agriculture. The Intern will become acquainted with primary and secondary source materials found within WHM’s collection as well as in collections and archives at the College and in the surrounding community. Special projects may include building a comprehensive index of these materials, documenting the history of a particular farm or activity, and preparing a new exhibit, video/photography presentation, or oral history. This experience can serve as a jumping off point for future study.

Students can apply for CES funding for this Internship.

For more information, contact Sarah Gardner (CES) at [email protected] and Anne Hogeland (WFM) at [email protected].