Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice Education Research and Outreach

Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice

Education Research and Outreach, Virtual Internship 2023   June 15-August 1 (minimum)

The Worldwide Teach-in on Climate and Justice is mobilizing a rising generation of students to put their talents to work to stabilize the climate: as artists, engineers, scientists, musicians, business people, writers, lawyers, product designers, and leaders. The project helps move students from a state of climate despair to engagement, and ultimately leadership, on climate solutions. In 2022 and 2023, we catalyzed nearly 500 teach-in events reaching more than 60,000 students and others in more than 70 countries.

For the 2023-24 academic year we will lead a campaign to #MakeClimateAClass, culminating in Worldwide Climate Education Week, the first week of April, 2024. We will invite and encourage educators at all levels and in all subjects to devote at least one class period during Climate Education Week to teaching about climate change, solutions and justice. We will also work with students worldwide to organize all-campus events—music, theater, panels, discussions–  as part of the Climate Week.

The Research and Outreach Intern will be to help set the stage for this success. The intern will:

  • Help prepare a report summarizing 2023 Teach-Ins and identifying innovative and replicable activities.
  • Help prepare Subject Guides for Teaching about Climate for many subjects and levels of education
  • Prepare communications materials promoting #MakeClimateAClass, including articles, blog posts, social media and listserv posts
  • Conduct research to identify individuals and organization to approach to participate in this campaign
  • Conduct targeted outreach to individuals and organizations using email, social media and phone calls
  • Maintain accurate records of contacts and responses, updating organizational databases
  • Conduct other organization and communication activities as needed
  • Report regularly on their activities and progress

Location: The internship is virtual.

Dates: Flexible from June -August. We require a commitment of at least 20 hours/week for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Supervisor and Contact Person:

David E. Blockstein, Ph.D.

Project Co-Director

Solve Climate by 2030

Bard College



[email protected]