Ben Hellerstein on Getting Massachusetts to 100% Renewable

Ben Hellerstein, the state director of Environment Massachusetts, gave a log lunch talk on the progress MA has made on clean energy and what’s left to do.

Growing up in Westchester, NY, Ben reminisces on the glory of vacationing in the mountains and a consequent love of nature. He went to Carlton College, working on passing a bill for a statewide ban on BPA. It was then that he realized that rallying student forces actually works.

Right, Sarah Gardner, left, Ben Hellerstein

“We don’t just have to sit around complaining about stuff,” said an optimistic Ben.

In order to get MA to 100% dependence on renewable energy, we need to get rid of net metering caps and make sure proposed gas pipelines don’t get passed.

MA has huge potential for solar and offshore wind. We need to reduce energy use, supplement coal and oil with solar and wind, replace heating and transportation with clean energy.

A future backed by clean, sustainable energy sources is within reach.


—Jane Tekin, ’19