Cynthia Espinoso Marrero on the Past and Future of Holyoak, MA

April 19th, 2019

Last Log Lunch, Cynthia Espinoso Marrero gave a talk on the history of Holyoak, MA, and the work she does there to make the city a better place.

Cynthia (right) with new baby Xineri and husband Osmar (left)

A food systems scholar and activist, Cynthia grew up in Puerto Rico, and when her family moved to the U.S., her roots remained an integral part of her life. Cynthia has started her own business, Pulegium Consulting, named after the Pennyroyal plant. She facilitates trainings and curriculum development for environmental educators, institutions, and organizations on diversity, inclusion, community engagement, and permaculture.

Holyoak’s population is mostly white, but recent waves of immigration are diversifying the town. Through her work, Cynthia aims to give opportunities to these underrepresented groups in order to build a socially-just food system.



—Jane Tekin, ’19