Environmental Studies Honors Student Presentation Session Friday May 14, 4-6 p.m.

Environmental Studies Thesis Presentations

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Elizabeth Bigham: “Good Healthy Fun: The Relationships Between Playgrounds and Children’s Health in New York City”
Davis Collison: “Observational Network Approaches for the Co-Production of Knowledge in Support of Food Sovereignty for Indigenous Alaska Communities”
Rosa Kirk Davidoff: “Beyond ‘Jobs vs. Wilderness”: Relational Values & Mining in Northeast Minnesota”
Maya Spalding Fecher: “Filling the Gap: Multi-Level Policy Approaches to Climate Change-Induced Displacement in the Pacific”
Hayden Gillooly: “Coursework and Campus: Factors Influencing Undergraduate Students’ Environmental Sustainability Beliefs, Motivations & Behaviors”
Amber Lee: “Buried Body, Living Archive: A Chinese Arrivant Orientation to Time, Space and United State Railroad Landscapes”
Mohammed Memfis: “The Costs of Black Immobility in Atlanta During the Covid-19 Pandemic: How Discriminatory Planning and PM 2.5 Emissions Kill”
Henry Newell: “Environmental Sensitivity of Invasive Garlic Mustard in Hopkins Forests: Insights from a 22-year Field Survey”