Forest Service

Position: Sustainable Forest Management Volunteer, USDA Forest Service, Research and Development, Sustainable Forest Management Research, Washington, DC (with intern stipend from Williams)

Please apply by March 15, 2022

The Volunteer would work closely with the US Forest Service’s Director of Sustainable Forest Management Research, the National Program Lead for Climate Change Research, the National Agroforestry Center, and a team of experts from across the country to support development of a guidebook to support planting and maintenance of tree and shrub species for agroforestry.  With an increased interest in agroforestry as a natural climate solution there is demand for information on plant site preferences, plant characteristics, environmental tolerances, pests and diseases, agroforestry products and uses in a changing climate.   This manual will provide information on attributes of tree and shrub species commonly used in alley cropping, forest farming, riparian forest buffers, silvopasture, windbreaks, and in urban agroforestry as well as attributes valued by indigenous populations.  The manual will also include individual agroforestry species profiles for the most commonly used agroforestry species used in the US.  The Volunteer will support all aspects of the project and will have the opportunity to co-author one or more species profiles.

As part of a busy workgroup within the Washington Office, the Volunteer will also be exposed to the range of science and education activities that are undertaken by the US Forest Service to support sustainable forest management.

Preference for a student with a background in ecology and plant biology and willingness to commit for 7-10 weeks. Summer housing is readily available in the Washington, DC area.  Telework options available.

For more information contact:

Anne Marsh, Ph.D., National Program Lead Climate Change Research, USDA Forest Service, [email protected]