Isaiah Blake and Grace Chamberlain Summer Internships: 'For Us, By Us': A Grassroots Organization

October 12th, 2018

On Friday, Isaiah Blake ’21 and Grace Chamberlain ’19 presented at Log Lunch about their CES-granted summer adventures.

Isaiah and Grace

First, Grace gave an eloquent spiel on biobased manufacturing, which was one of her main tasks working for the Environmental Health Strategy Center in Maine. She spoke of the perks of working for a company with only six workers and the local agency that comes with grassroots organizing.

Isaiah then turned on Solange Knowles’ “F.U.B.U.”, a song meant to empower marginalized people. He told a personal anecdote about police aggression towards people of color, highlighting the need to create spaces where minorities are free–a space like the one he spent the summer in: the Hattie Carthan Food Project in Brooklyn. He spoke of it as a refuge, a place of healing and growing. A place sustaining life.

Both Grace and Isaiah spoke about making something where there isn’t much, building support and community for a righteous world.



—Jane Tekin ’19