Jenny Hansell on the Berkshire High Road

November 9th, 2018

At last week’s Log Lunch, Jenny Hansell, President of the Berkshire Natural Resources Council, gave a talk on her work at the BNRC. The BNRC is a land trust, conserving parcels of land through trail-making and also providing human access to the wild.

In particular, the BNRC is working on a project called the Berkshire High Road: a plan for a 100% walkable Berkshire county. It aims to connect towns from north county to south county with a trail, through which locals and visitors alike can hike or walk. It’s difficult to get the trail to run through metropolitan areas like Pittsfield, because they are heavily developed. The point is to connect these built-up areas with the areas that align more closely to the standard definition of the wild–a definition that we must reconsider, now, in the wake of climate crisis.


—Jane Tekin ’19