Laura Marx on Forests and Climate Change

Laura Marx of the Nature Conservancy gave a talk at the last Log Lunch on how climate change has implications for forests. Severe weather, increased droughts, storms, and altered temperatures are changes in the environment that trees are used to.

“Climate change means more energy is entering the atmosphere on earth. More energy = more chaos,” said Marx.

David McGowan with Laura Marx

She urges people to recognize the importance of keeping forests forested, especially resilient forests. Those in positions of power should consider the effects of climate change in forest management planning.

“In Vermont, 70% of annual carbon emissions are offset by trees. Granted, Massachusetts is much less forested and much more populated, but this is an astounding number,” Marx commented.

There’s no doubt our forests are a rich resource that need to be protected. In the face of climate change, they could be our saving grace.


—Jane Tekin, ’19