Sophie Robinson on "The Age of Consequences"

On November 4th, 2016, Sophie Robinson, spoke to the Williams College community on the film, The Age of Consequences. Sophie is a filmmaker, climate change organizer and a social justice activist.  With that, she is the film’s Executive Producer and Director of Outreach.
Sophie spent three years organizing and coordinating with The Better Future Project and 350 Massachusetts.  She spearheaded one of the leading statewide climate networks in the country.  At 350 Massachusetts, she worked with 10 local groups across the state and led three statewide campaigns.
Sophie was also mentored by renowned organizer and Harvard professor Marshall GanzSophie has Psychology and Environmental Science degrees from Williams College, and is currently finishing a masters degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard.
Prof. Sarah Gardner and Speaker and Williams Alum Sophie Robinson

Prof. Sarah Gardner and Speaker and Williams Alum Sophie Robinson

At Log Lunch, Sophie spoke about the film, The Age of Consequences, focused on how climate change impacts national security and stability. Sophie became involved in the movie making process after growing tired of working with grassroots activism.  She was burnt out from organizing.  She quit her job and reached out to filmmakers.  Sophie was interested in film because she believes that influential movies can change the world.  However, she noticed that most environmental movies were a lot of “gloom and doom” with the same ideas represented over and over.

Sophie began working with filmmakers and the team decided to focus on a film that would interest both ends of the spectrum.  Most environmental films appeal to the liberal left.  The team wanted to create a film that appealed to both ends of the spectrum: They decided to focus on climate change, but bring in international security. National security is a concept that includes the interests of those on the right, conservative side of the political spectrum.



The Pentagon considers climate change a “Threat Multiplier.”  As the effects of climate change increase, resource scarcity will become a much larger problems.  Specifically, in countries with unstable governments and populations.  When you add climate change to these nations, it becomes a spark that creates a situation moving instability to violent conflict.

The Age of Consequences was shared on campus later that evening.


-Caroline Beckmann, ’17